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Equity ICI provides property management services to public, private and institutional commercial property owners. Our goal is to enhance the value and appeal of properties by exceptional property management and operations, thorough accounting, and comprehensive tenant relations. Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Equity ICI. Throughout our tenure as property manager, Equity ICI will provide exceptional service to our client, the owner and their tenants, keeping as our central focus your goals for the asset. For buildings of all sizes, Equity ICI will leverage years of experience, knowledge and technology to complete the task at hand.

Specifically, our services to commercial property owners include:

Budgeting and Accounting
1) Annual budgeting and tracking of building expenditures
2) Quarterly variance reporting
3) Administration of billing and collection of tenant rents, receivables management
4) Tracking tenant sales and percentage rents
5) Annual CAM reconciliations
6) Use of Yardi accounting software

Physical Services
1) Property inspections and reviews
2) Preparation of annual maintenance plans
3) Preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance & repairs
4) Janitorial planning
5) Monitoring applicable Workplace Health & Safety guidelines
6) Coordination of Technical services
7) Coordination of capital and building improvement projects
8) Ordering of all supplies, and tracking of inventory
9) Energy management

Site and Staff Supervision
1) Maintenance planning and work order administration
2) Administration and supervision of all site staff, benefits and payroll - Equity ICI has its own group benefits plan – available to staff currently employed at your buildings.
3) Human Resources – hiring, performance reviews, salary analysis and market surveys

1) Marketing of space for lease – see our Leasing page
2) Management of renewals
3) Maintenance of standard agreements and lease documentation, lease administration

Liaison with Third-Party Contractors and Consultants
1) Tendering, negotiating and administration of third party contracts
2) Administration of building insurance, property tax and legal issues

Communication and Tenant Relations
1) Prompt response and clear communication with the Building Owner or Representative
2) Detailed quarterly reporting
3) Coordination of tenant move-in, move-outs
4) Coordination of communication with all tenants

To have your site evaluated, or to request a quote for services, please contact:

Randal Froebelius, President, Equity ICI Real Estate Services
t: 416.485.5300 ext. 225
e: rfroebelius@equityICI.com