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Prompt Response to your Service Requests

Maintenance when you need it most

Equity ICI’s Service Plus program is designed to provide fast response times to service requests from tenants and residents.  Whether it’s a lamp change or an air conditioning repair, tenants and residents expect prompt responses to their service needs, 24/7.  We realize how frustrating it can be when something happens just before that important presentation or when a guest is about to arrive. Too hot, too cold – not a problem – either click or call and we’ll take action.
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Service Plus uses the AngusAnywhere platform, a proven software solution used by professional property owners and managers for over 25 years. Tenants and Residents can either submit their service requests by logging into the Equity ICI portal on their computer or handheld, or by calling our 24-hour Tenant & Resident Services Line at 416-485-5300 extension 230.

Our Service Plus system allows us to track request types, monitor equipment reliability and response times, and to produce reports for our clients that highlight key OKRs.

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